Loftis Middle School Tennis Fall 2023

 RETURN the forms to Loftis  by August 9, 2023 (You can drop off in the office beginning 8/3/23)

Email: [email protected]

To prepare for tennis tryouts.....

1.   Have ALL forms completed and turned in by Wednesday, August 9th.

Download 4 required sports forms from  Go to Athletics ->sports forms and info->files->required sports forms-> download.

Sports Medical, Insurance, and Consent Form: Physician completes Part I.   If the athlete is not covered by family insurance, school insurance is required.  Everyone participating in try-outs is required to show proof of physical examination after April 30th, 2023.


2.  Play tennis this summer and practice your serve.  Have fun!!!

Click here to print the Tennis Info form below. Complete, attach athletic forms, and turn in to your coach.

Loftis Middle School

Tennis Team 2023

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Grade: ___________    Birth date: ________________________

Grades: 7th and 8th Graders must show 4th Quarter Report Cards

I hereby give permission for (student name)_____________________ to represent Loftis Middle School in the sport of Tennis.  

Date: ________________  Signature of Parent or Guardian_______________________

Parent Name/Cell Phone: ___________________________________________

RETURN the forms to the coach by August 9, 2023 (You can drop off in the office beginning 8/3/23)


Tennis Checklist (Please attach the following forms) Available on Loftis website. 
___Physical/Medical Form dated 4/30/22 or later

___Concussion Form

___Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form

___HCS Student Athlete Consent (Covid) Form

___Complete Google Form-Loftis Track and Field Contact Information

___Report Card (7th and 8th graders only)

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