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Dr. Mary Catherine Gatlin


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At Loftis we LEAD.
We are Learners.
We Empower ourselves and others.
We are Accountable for our Actions.
We celebrate our Differences.

At Loftis Middle School we believe that consistency and best practices employed every day for every student creates a culture of success. We have a Vision and a Plan to increase Student Ownership and Mastery of Learning by focusing on our own Professional Growth, the implementation of Worthwhile Instructional Tasks, and Student Discourse.

Loftis Middle School is a special place that relies heavily on the participation of its greater community. Parents, your involvement in the education of your child and presence at school events tells your child that school, and the work they do here, is important. It is our desire to create every opportunity for you to feed into the education of your children. 

Middle School can be a difficult time of life academically, socially, and emotionally. We want your student to Thrive, not just survive, middle school. Here are some ways we can do just that.

Be Involved: Being involved in your student's lives during the middle school years is crucial towards their academic, athletic, social and emotional success. Ask them what their Clear Learning Targets were each day and help them with HW if needed. Continue to read with them and encourage them to push themselves in their learning. Continue to support them in their learning and encourage them to do their best. Our website has lots of information about Loftis MS and it also allows each parent to contact teachers or Administrators to ask questions if needed. The more you are involved, and we can work together the greater the chance for success for your student. Encourage your student to get involved at school as finding a niche helps grow self-confidence.

We encourage you to become a part of our award-winnind Parent Teacher Association!  At Loftis, we are passionate about engaging our Community. You can join the PTA online! Click here to be taken to our online membership registration.  You can also print a paper form to send in fromthis link.  Joining gives you voice in our school and community and shows your support for our school and PTA!  Please join today to show your support! Consider following the PTA on social media to ensure you are aware of all opportunities to support the amazing things happening at Loftis. PTA Contact Info: email: [email protected] - Facebook: - Twitter: @loftismspta - Instagram: @loftismiddlepta

Communicate - We are Here to Support: Please don’t hesitate to call the school or email teachers/Administration when you have a question or when your child needs help with something at school. Check the school website often for updates and information. It is our intent to keep the website updated with important information for parents and checking it regularly will keep you informed. Don’t hesitate to email or call your child’s teachers when they are struggling at home. Remember, the Loftis faculty and staff are here to help educate each student in any way possible. Please help us towards the goal of creating a safe learning environment for you student with open, proactive communication.

Listen: Take the opportunity to listen to what your child is saying (and not saying) about school. Typically, middle school students aren’t the best at telling you what you want to know. Ask specific questions, check their homework and agenda daily. When they have a concern, I have found it best to just listen before making a judgment or a decision. What children normally want is to be heard and to have their fears and concerns affirmed by an adult. Please don't hesitate to communicate with your child's teachers to make sure we work together to address their concerns.

We are proud to have earned Level 5 in growth by the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) year after year. This Level 5 TVAAS score means that we continue to grow students as quickly or more quickly than other schools like Loftis state-wide. Although the academic performance level here is exceptional, Loftis Middle School is always striving for improvement, and we work to instill a Growth Mindset through Student Ownership of learning and Mastery practices.

Our students, staff and parents are extremely proud of our school and its accomplishments. With exemplary academics and multiple extra-curricular opportunities our students get the very best a middle school can offer. My hope is that this will be your child’s best year in middle school: Through teamwork and communication, we can help this to become a reality.

Dr. Mary Catherine Gatlin
Loftis Middle School Principal

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