Acceptable Use

Grade Level Computer Lab

In order to maintain the condition of our computers and to ensure that students are doing their own work, we have some rules that must be followed. Students and parents/guardians please read over all rules, then sign and return this page with the registration packet. If you have any additional questions or concerns, don't hesitate to email me at This information can also be found on our school website:

General Lab Rules:

  1. Students MUST use the computer number they are assigned throughout the year. Computers may not be traded or switched for ANY REASON, unless the teacher is involved in the reassignment. Team-based disciplinary action will be taken if computers are swapped during class.
  2. Students must stay in their assigned seat at their assigned computer.
  3. Students must stay on the assigned task-no surfing or playing games.
  4. Students must NOT touch anyone else's keyboard.
  5. Liquids and food are prohibited from the lab at all times.
  6. Students must alert the teacher at the BEGINNING of lab if there is something wrong with their computer.
  7. Students needing assistance must raise their hand and wait quietly and patiently for the teacher to come to them. Teachers will monitor the lab at all times in order to assist students.
  8. Students who cannot follow lab rules will be given a zero for the lab participation daily grade.
  9. The basic Technology Acceptable Usage Agreement for Hamilton County Schools must be followed at all times. (This information is on the reverse side of this sheet).
  10. Students causing damage to any computer will be responsible for the cost of repair/replacement.

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