8th Grade Silver Supply List

8th Grade General Supply List

Loftis Middle School

2019 - 2020



INK PENS (will need black, blue, and red pens)


Highlighters (multiple colors)

Colored Pencils

3 – Sharpies (multiple colors)

1 – Glue Stick

Loose-leaf Notebook Paper

3 - Bound 100-Page Composition Books (one each for Language Arts, Science, & Math*) *Math Composition should graph paper

 2 – 2” Binders - one of this is for Math and Language and the other is for Science and Social Studies

2 – Sets of Tabbed Dividers (8 tabs in each set) - one set of tabs for each three ring binder.

3 – 3-Prong Pocket Folders with Brads (two for Language Arts and one for miscellaneous)

Personal Pencil Sharpener

Ear buds

 These items will be given to your homeroom teacher:

1 - Box of Tissues

1 – Roll of Paper Towels

2 - Rolls of Scotch Tape with Dispensers

1 - 3X3 Sticky Note Pad

1 - Ream of 8x11 WHITE Copy Paper

1 - Container of Clorox Wipes


Calculators are required for ALL 8th grade math classes. 

  • Honors Algebra I students:  TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator
  • 8th Grade Math Students:  Suggested model is a TI30XIIS

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