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I have taught science in Hamilton County for the past nine years, and I am eager to start my tenth year of teaching! I've been married for eight years and a mom for four of those eight. My husband, two daughters, and I love to go running and explore the beautiful parts of the great city of Chattanooga. We do not have any pets, but my oldest daughter is convinced that she only likes cats.
I grew up just outside of Atlanta, GA, graduated with my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!), and graduated with my Master’s from UTC. Chattanooga is not my first home, but it has been a wonderful home for me and my family these past couple of years. We hope to enjoy this city for a few more!


Current Unit: Waves
Overview: Students will explore the physical properties of waves. We will spend time investigating the parts and properties of longitudinal waves and transverse waves. Understanding the differences between the structure and function of mechanical waves and electromagnetic waves will help students better grasp patterns in the waves we can observe in nature. After spending time understanding the differences between types of waves, we will explore all of the different observable wave behaviors.  

Essential Learning Outcomes - Unit 1:
1. Students will use their understanding of the parts of waves to describe how behaviors of waves change with
electromagnetic and mechanical waves.
2. Students will determine the different uses of waves related to communication.

Additional Resources:
 Parts of a Wave & Simulation
Wave Properties
Wave Behaviors

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